Being consistent with coding, the truth!


I started my coding journey in 2021, with one of the most popular programming languages, C++. Even I don't know what convinced my mind to start with C++, but yeah, it is what it is.

But as most people do, I left it in the middle and lost all the practice and knowledge I gained from it, became inconsistent and kept going with only college studies where I learnt a bit about OOPs, Data structures etc, but not to the extent that I could answer some interview questions :P.

But then it strike me in February 2022, I was in the 4th sem of my degree, and if I don't start learning to code right now, I'll have to face the consequences. So again, with a new plan, coding began and from then, I am:

  • Learning DSA in C++

  • Became a Front-end Developer

  • Made 10+ Landing pages with HTML, CSS

  • 3-4 React Projects

  • Building with TailwindCSS as well, and last but not the least

  • Learning Backend at the moment

What changed? I only changed 3 things in my journey, and everything turned upside down.

I'll tell you each one step-by-step!

1. Identify your why

Every time you sit to code, just think to yourself, why am I even doing this? To get financial success? Become a freelancer? Learn an in-demand skill? anything else?

For me, I am doing a degree in Computer Science, it is obvious I should learn to code in order to break into big MNCs and get a job, but this was not enough.

I asked myself what if I become a skilled person at this particular skill, so many opportunities will open for work, right? You need a strong reason for doing a thing consistently. A while ago, I started learning to edit photos, I learned it with enthusiasm for 1 month, never touched the app since then, why?

I don't have a strong reason to do it!

You get the point, either go all in, or don't go at all?

2. Set Goals you can achieve

Common, we know how much goal setting matters, and achieving them can be satisfying too, but there's a twist.

Setting goals that are beyond your limit and subconsciously, you know they can't be completed. So why set goals you cannot achieve?

I know, you might be thinking why would someone on the internet is telling me to set smaller goals, right? Wrong. I am not telling you to set smaller goals, I am telling you to set realistic goals.

For this, I will give you an action step. Take a piece of paper, write down what you want to achieve in the next month. Now, divide it into 4 blocks(4 weeks), then whenever you make a task list for the following day, just refer to the weekly task list, simple, right?

3. Choosing a domain is important

When I started my coding journey, I researched 100s of roadmaps and took the path that I was developing an interest in.

Here is what I followed:

  1. Learn a programming language, and the basics of programming(C++).

  2. Solve basic problems and move on to OOPS (Object Oriented Programming)

  3. Begin with HTML, CSS, and web development

  4. Javascript

  5. Build 5-6 mini projects using the knowledge

  6. Started learning React

  7. Currently exploring Backend development.

I hope you got some inspiration/idea on what you could execute too, choose a niche you have an interest in, and learn the basics. There are various roadmaps available on the internet, and if you are confused ChatGPT always got your back :p


In conclusion, consistency is key when it comes to coding. To be consistent, one must identify their why, set achievable goals, and choose a domain that they have an interest in. By following these three steps, anyone can start their coding journey and become a skilled programmer. It's important to remember that coding is a journey, not a destination, and with dedication and consistency, anyone can achieve their coding goals.

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